Learning Disabilities &Slow Learner Classes

 First: our vision for the Learning Disabilities &Slow Learner Classes

1- The goal

To establish a new generation of students with learning difficulties   and slow learner that is able to meet challenges of the times and keep  up with scientific advances. Also to build up respect for  individual    abilities and self- confidence through the development of skills and  individual capabilities of all students. Talented student is also one of   the most important goals in our classes.

 2- The educational system:

A)  Department of Arabic language :-

    Arabic is being addressed in a new form to keep pace with educational  technology to enter into competition with other system of educational  technology in the world ( U.S- England – Germany ).

B)   Department of American Diploma

  It aims to improve and develop the study Skills in American diploma  through strengthening of Multimedia. Students in these classes work    in groups or one to one sessions.

 Second: How the educational process goes

Faith  in God and educational technology will continue to be our motto ( Science – and faith)  they are our motive to promote this generation and the development of education and intellectual abilities goes as the following:-

  • Qualified teachers and assistants.
  • Teachers for students with learning difficulties.
  • Psychologist and behavioral therapist.
  • Pediatrician.
  • Psychiatric and Neurological Doctors.
  • Physiotherapy- speechtherapist.
  • Programming all curriculums

through Multimedia and post students in access to technology information. Through: focusing – understanding – listening skills .Also creativity and discovery of themselves through enhancing their memory – Accuracy – – self confidence and independency.

  • Our academic year are three semesters:

A) The first semester: September – January.

B) The second semester: February – May.

C)  The Third semester :  June – July.

  • Our classes ranges between ( 3-6) students and one to one sessions if needed.
  •  Homework is a repetition  to  what has been taught during the day.
  • Weekly sheets, is  a revision of what has been taught throughout the whole  week .
  • Educational Therapeutic Programs during the scholastic  year  according to the psychological educational assessment  .
  • The Bright effective educational classes: (Bee classes ) teach the Ministry of education, curriculum .
  • Integration system : being efficiently done with mainstream students. This integration helps the students to enjoy simplified test system.
  • Friendly classes: meant for dyslexic students and other students in need. It is done for our students and also students from other schools.
  • Certificates  are received by the end of the year from the Ministery of education and American diploma.

 Third: The Activities :-

       -Trips & camps:   Scientific and entertainment trips –boy scouting.

       – Music & Drama.

       – Arts & craft.

       – develop their independency & self confidence

 Fourth: Other services :-

1- Pediatric Learning disability clinic

                PLDC is established for low and normal I.Q who have difficulties in their   academic achievements. Our clinic a pioneer for being among the  first learning disability centers in the Middle East. We provide Proper dignoses and  solutions for students who face challenges in coping with peers and/or performing unsuccessfully at school. This center is dedicated to help these children with learning difficulties in school, home and  society.

                 PLDC helps children suffering from:

  • Learning Difficulties .
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( HDHD)
  • Dyslexia .
  • Autism .
  • Memory problems .
  • Slow learner .
  • Behavioral problems .
  • Emotional and psychological problems .
  • Neurological & pediatric problems .

  2-Outsider students:

The Students from out side the school (other governments and  from Arab countries) special therapeutic Programs are done to enhance their problems during school vacations or / and after school days .

 3- training courses

for teachers, parents and all the employees to prepare them to achieve the highest level in scientific and psychological balance.

 4- Family support groups For Parents to change negative behavior  into positive behavior  for our students.