The Semi-American Division has been known for its innovative excellence for over 13 years.

Under a dedicated faculty our students gain multiple benefits from our dynamic curriculum and close-knit community.

Our learning environment promotes independence and resourcefulness, combined with tolerance, understanding, and respect for self and others. My teachers share the responsibility for the care of each student, in order to ensure every child is supported, the underlying principle being that “happy student learn.” .

We at the semi-division believe that all our students should be challenged to inquire, imagine, think and solve problems.

We believe that:

  • Each child has intrinsic worth.
  • Students learning is the focus of all school activity.
  • Honest and compassionate communication is essential.
  • No institution has a more profound effect on the individual than family.

We thank you for choosing the Semi-American Division and for your support we look forward to a successful year learning and growing together

Ghada Aly

100 Day

Lemonade Day

Map Test Prime students-First Term

Map Test Prime students – Second Term

Trip to Family Park (Primary 3, 4 and 5)